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We have the vegetables you need.

You're probably wondering "What is a CSA? I've never heard of that before."

Well let me tell's pretty cool!

You get a weekly share of the farm's harvest which has 6-10 different veggies in it that will feed your family for the whole week!

"Ten different vegetables?? But what will I do with all that??"

Being a part of Isle Acre Farms Farm Share CSA, you become connected with your farmer and I will help you along the way with how to prepare, freeze, store, and make sure you're eating your veggies!!

But then, something amazing will happen...

You'll be giving me recipes and tips!


We've partnered with Bountiful Acres in Liberty Hill to provide an add on of chicken meat! AND you can add on our super nutritious microgreens too!

Tonight's dinner all straight from the farm!

Choose the summer CSA below, select your pick up day, and if you want to pick up weekly (feeds 4-5 people) or biweekly (feeds 2-3 people), then add on your cut of meat and microgreens (if you want to try something new, fun, and super nutrient can also join our Microgreens Only CSA!) 

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

I cannot wait to "share" with you this season!"

(We have a limited amount of eggs provided by Great Oaks Farm in Leander. I am working to find another egg source to supplement. Thank you for your understanding.)

Summer Registration is NOW OPEN! Hurry! It ends 12pm May 29th!

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