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Do you ever just think to yourself "I don't know how I never learned to garden or take care of plants. My parents are good at that but I missed it some how and I don't want my children to miss it."

I'm like this with sewing! I'm well into my adult years and am finding this is a necessary skill I know nothing about. 

But for sure we want to make sure that our children know how to provide food for themselves and their family..

We are living in a world that is exploring the unknown and growing food is definitely a necessary skill!

You have come to the right place!!

We can help you teach your children what it means to be the modern day farmer!

The class will be teacher led starting with hands on farming experience and then they will discuss what they learned, why it is important, and do a fun activity to go along with it. 

It will be super awesome for them to see their plants from start to finish! 

And then of course get to eat it!

For the fall, the classes are once a month (4 classes total) and are age specific so your kids can make friends with those their age! 

Choose your age group below! 

We can't wait to meet you and your family!!

Registration Coming Spring 2021!! 

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