Who doesn't love cantaloupe?? ME!!! It's not one of my favorite melons but they are very popular. My family loves them! They are super sweet and delicious. 

Here are a couple of fun facts about cantaloupes:

– Cantaloupes are considered a luxury and are commonly given as a gift in Japan.

– Did you know that “down under” in Australia they refer to cantaloupe as “ROCKMELON”? Makes sense to us – they kind of do look like rocks.

– Not only do they taste good, they also fight against lung and oral cavity cancers.

How To Store

If the cantaloupe is not quite ripe yet, store on the counter for about 2 days to finish ripening. Store a fully ripened melon in the refrigerator for about 5 days. You can also cut up into cubes and freeze it. It is best if eaten still a bit frosty.


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