Yum! We love our carrots! They are so sweet and way more flavorful than store bought ones. Carrots can store up to 6 months and they will loose their flavor the longer they store. This is why store bought carrots generally lack much flavor. Carrots have numerous health benefits including lowering cholesterol and improving eye health. There are numbers fruits, vegetables, and nuts that look like the part of the body that they can help improve. For example, walnuts look just like the brain and they improve brain health. If you cut a carrot in half, it looks just like the eye! Amazing. The entire bunch of carrots can be eaten, including the greens. 

How To Store

Store without the tops in the crisper drawer in the fridge. You can also chop up and freeze to be used in the off season. Toss frozen carrots into soup, stir fry, or other cooked recipe to enjoy them later. 

Store the tops in the crisper drawer for us to 5 days. Use in soups, stir fry, pesto, salad, or saute. You can also wash them, hang them to dry, and store as dried tops in a mason jar. Use dried tops in substitution for parsley. 


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