Who doesn't love cucumbers!? These are one of our fan favorites in our house. We love to snack on these. They grow in the late spring, early summer. They are a very hydrating vegetable. They are EXTREMELY good for you in our Texas climate. Cut up a few slices and put into your water. This will help hydrate you and give you the essential vitamins you are needing. No need for super high sugar content Powerade, use something more natural and meant for your body. Also, not saying I know this by personal experience, but if you eat a few cucumber slices before going to be after a night of drinking, the hangover is less severe if existent at all. 

How To Store

Store in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Will stay good for up to 2 weeks. Sometimes cucumbers can have a bitter taste to them. To stop this from happening, when you're ready to slice it open, slice a little sliver off one of the ends, then rub that end against the part that it came off of in a circular pattern for about 3 minutes. A white, bubbly film will appear. That is the bitterness leaving the cucumber. 

Here is a great website for FREEZING cucumbers :


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