Radish is another vegetable that people will either say they love or they hate. Generally, these people have only eaten them raw. Eaten raw, they are a bit spicy. Definitely hard to get kids to eat spicy raw radishes. However, if you cook radishes, they loose that spicy kick and take on a roasted flavor. They almost have a potato texture to them and kids (and adults) are more apt to eat them. The greens are also edible. You can saute them with some oil and garlic or throw them into a your favorite salad to kick it up a notch. 

We will be growing 3 different varieties of radishes. Easter eggs radishes are all sorts of different colors and we love harvesting them to see which color is going to come up next. We will also have white icicle radish and sparkler white tip radish. As you get them, do taste comparisons to see which one is spicier. 

How To Store

Store in crisper drawer in refrigerator. Eat raw within 3-5 days to have a nice crunch. They will start to soften about day 7 but are still edible to cook. 


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