Romaine has gotten a bad wrap here the last couple of years. There have been several recalls from grocery stores because of Listeria. Now I'm not saying that something can't or won't happen to any of our produce on the farm, but getting farm fresh romaine is something completely different then store bought romaine. First of all, after it is harvested it is taken to a processing facility where it gets washed several times (we don't wash our produce unless we absolutely have to...I will explain later in a blog format) and touches several hands and then moves several times. There are so many points of contact that any vegetable can catch anything.


On our farm, once harvested, it is weighed and counted, then goes directly into our cold storage. Not much processing to that! We love romaine. It is a large head and very crisp! Excellent lettuce. 

How To Store

Store in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. It will stay crisp up to 7 days. Peel leaves as you need them and wash only when about to prepare.

Here is a way to freeze romaine:


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