• Becky Tamez

The Beginning Part 3

In The Beginning Part 2, I shared how we got the land we farm on. It was a good size garden to start with, especially with Pete still working his corporate job and I was pregnant with our 3rd baby. We were still out there doing things by hand with minimal tools in heat of the Texas Summer.

It...was...rough! (For sure an understatement)

But we knew this was where we wanted to be. Pete was a paramedic by trade and he was ready for a change. He loved gardening and what better way to make a living and lifestyle than doing something you love.

In December of 2017, he left his corporate job to become a full time farmer.


But EXCITING!!! We were then, and still are, at peace with the whole decision.

We blew up that 1/2 acre, continued doing Wolf Ranch Farmers' Market, and added a CSA (check out our CSA to see what it's all about). We even started to sell to restaurants!!!

Since then, we have now added more land, currently we are at1 acre, of garden space. It is winter time now so not all of it is planted but it will be very soon! We have also gotten some much needed tools that make farming so much easier!

We are expanding our CSA and selling to more restaurants.

We are excited to see what the next chapter has in store for us and how we continue to grow.

Keep an eye out on these blog posts as I get better at writing them, adding more posts, sharing more on the farm, and how to eat your veggies!



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