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2021 CSA Opens Nov 13th!

Updated: 9 hours ago

What a crazy year!!??

I'm ready to move on...

Are you??

We're so excited to announce all the new things coming for our 2021 CSA season!!!

If you are not sure what a CSA is or how it works, check out our csa page for more info!!

First off, there is something HUGE I can't share just yet (you'll have to stay tuned for that...hopefully we can announce it soon!)

You'll just have to trust me to know that you'll want to be a part of it!

You trust me right?

There will only be a few CSA spots available for 2021!!!

You definitely do not want to wait!!

The 2021 CSA registration will open on November 13th and close on November 20th!!

Here is what you can expect for the season...

1. Super awesome veggies...some you know...some you won't!! 

2. Members get first dibs on veggies!

3. 6-10 items per share depending on the time of the season! 

4. Choose the size your family needs...weekly pickups (feeds 4-5 people/week) or biweekly pickups (feeds 2-3 every other week)!

5. Weekly members get 30 "shares (pick ups)" and biweekly will get 15 "shares (pickups)."

6. The main season is mid-March - mid November. There will be no formal CSA pick ups during the month of August.

7. If you know you'll be out during the main season, don't worry!!! You can use one of your "shares" during the off season times (because we farm year round)!! This gives you a little more wiggle room throughout the year!! Just know that things are limited during those off season times and we strongly encourage you to pick up during the main season.

8. MEMBERS ONLY pick up hours on Tuesdays 4-6pm or Fridays 10:30-12:30pm conducted by the farmers so you get to know them! We will be open to the public on other days.

9. Pick ups will be "market style" where it will be set up like a farmers market and you build your bag (our members have LOVED this in the past! You get to see what you're getting and ask questions!). There will be some things we ask you to take and somethings will be free choice. 

10. Add on egg share from Humble Rooster Farm in Bertram!! Woot woot!

11. Add on meat share from Bountiful Acres Farm in Liberty Hill!! Double Woot Woot!

12. Free Farm Tours!

13. Biweekly members get a 5% off coupon code and weekly get a 10% off code for all other events, birthday parties, extra produce, etc. that is provided by the farm!!! 

Plus much more!!!

You'll be able to sign up here on November 13th!!

Make sure you put that date on your calendar!!!

You DO NOT want to miss this!!

We can't wait to share the harvest with you next year!!


Becky Tamez

P.S. Share this post with your friends so they can get in on the action too!

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