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CSA Frequently Asked Questions

We run a CSA at our farm and with COVID it has been the main source of getting our vegetables.

We've had lots of questions about the CSA so I have put together this FAQ to answers those for you.

If you still have questions after reading this, please don't hesitate to ask!

1. What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is a partnership between the community (you) and the farmer (us) to grow food for your family for a certain period of time. You give us the opportunity to do what we love to do and in return you get a weekly (or biweekly) share of the harvest. It's like a membership to a farm.

2. What vegetables will I get with my share?

The vegetables will vary based on the season. In the spring season (March-May) you will see more leafy greens and root crops, and closer to summer bigger things like tomatoes and green beans. In the summer season (June-July) you will see tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, squash etc. The fall season (September-November) is like a backwards spring. You will see the summer crops start to go out and the leafy greens and roots come in. They are long seasons and the change in crops is very nice.

3. How many vegetables will I get?

This will be based on the season. We statistically plan to have 6-10 vegetable varieties in your share but that can range based on mother nature.

4. Wonder if I don't like some of the vegetables?

We ask that you really give all the vegetables a try, even if you have previously not liked them. We encourage you to really explore your chef skills and recommendations from us before making a real final decision on them. We will try to accommodate your taste/dietary preferences as much as possible (within reason). But if there are quite a few that you don't like on your list already, then the CSA may not be for you and that is OK!

5. Will you tell me what vegetables we are getting for the week so I can plan?

I would absolutely love to do this! This would be a perfect world scenario. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out that way on our farm. The vegetables that go in each bag can vary between pickup days of the week and can also vary between each other! I do try to label everything that is in the bag and let you know when something unique or new is in there and what to do with it.

6. I have a large family or I have a small family...will it be enough or too little?

Our shares are one size. The way we manage feeding different size families is if your family consists of 4-5 people (or you eat a lot of vegetables!), then you should get a weekly membership where you pick up a share every week. If your family is bigger than that, you should look at getting 2 weekly shares. If your family is 2-3 in size, then you should get a biweekly membership where you pick up your share every other week. The veggies are so fresh they will last you the two weeks if you pick up biweekly.

7. Will I have the opportunity to purchase extra of a certain thing?

Yes, if we have extra you most certainly can.

8. What are your pickup times/days? Where do I pickup? Do you deliver?

We have 2 pickup times and days; Tuesdays 3-6pm and Fridays 1030-1230pm. You will pick up your veggies at the farm. Since we are centrally located in the city, we do not offer delivery.

9. Is the price listed the price for one pickup? How many pickups do I get in a season?

No! It is not for one pickup! It is for several pickups over several months. Our seasons are spring (March-May), Summer (June-July), Fall (Sepember - November). The pickup amounts exactly will depend on the amount of weeks in a season and/or your pickup frequency.

10. Do you offer anything besides vegetables?

Isle Acre Farms only grows vegetables (at this moment). We do partner with some local farms to provide an add on of eggs, meat, and occasionally seasonal honey. Our partner farms are Great Oaks Farm, Leander, Humble Rooster Farm, Bertram, and Bountiful Acres, Liberty Hill. We also provide an add on product of microgreens.

11. How do the add on's work?

When you purchase the add on's, they will be available for you when you pick up your share on your pick up frequency. The pricing listed is for the amount that is also listed and goes along with your pickup frequency. If you want more than what is listed, you must put 2 in your cart etc. You must purchase a vegetable share from us to experience the add on's.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

Since this is a partnership between you as the community and us as the farmer and you pay for the vegetables in advance, all the money goes back into the farm. We use it to purchase seeds, compost, other materials and supplies needed, and pay our bills. Because of this, unfortunately, we can not issue any refunds, If this is not the right fit for you, you may choose to donate your share or to not return in the next season.

13. What happens if I go on vacation or a miss a week?

If you have a planned vacation, please let us know. We will try to accommodate that so that you get your share! You are also more than welcome to send a friend in your stead. If you happen to just miss, we do not have the ability to store shares, and your share will be donated (sometimes immediately after the pickup time). We partner with Hill Country Community Ministries with any extra produce or we will give to a family that we feel led to give to. We do not have any food waste on the farm. We strongly encourage you to make this a part of your daily life and put your pickup time/day on your calendar.

14. Are you organic?

We are not certified organic. However, with that certification, you are still allowed to put over 200 chemicals on the plants. We do not believe in spraying any chemicals. We want our children and your families to be able to go out into the field and eat straight off the vine. We do add organic turkey compost and the occasional guano to the soil to make sure it is the healthiest it can be.

15. Will this be a good fit for my family?

Yes! If you value knowing where your food comes from, what is put on it, who your farmer is and can you trust him, and getting your family to eat more, better tasting produce, then YES you've come to the right place!! You also must be willing to be a little adventurous in the kitchen. We grow your commonly known veggies, but sometimes we'll throw in one that you may not be familiar with. So you must be willing to try. If these things don't matter to you, then this may not be the right fit for you and that is OK!!! You do what's best for you and your family and what you feel led to do!

16. Will you have any special events for members?

Our plan is to do so but with our current COVID times special events are on pause.

17. Anything else I should know?

Yes! We believe that "All Vegetable Lives Matter." When the vegetables are ready, they are ready! They could be small or ugly and that is OK! They will be the best tasting vegetables you've ever had! We are NOT a grocery store where everything is perfect! Grocery stores purchase only the vegetables that meet their certain requirements and reject others. We've known farmers who solely supply to grocers just to have their entire crop rejected because they were 1/4 inch off of size requirements! Could you imagine the waste? We will not let good, hard earned food go to waste.

Also, we don't spray any chemicals on the vegetables so you may find a friend or two in them. For sure you will then know the vegetables are totally "organic!"

There is a risk of crop failure...this can be due to several things...the vegetables fail to germinate, pest issues, weather, etc. We try are very best to make sure we're on top of everything, but there are just some things we can't control. But this is one of the beauties of a CSA, a mutual camaraderie between us.

A CSA is so much fun! It's like Christmas in a box! You get to really explore what it means to support, and eat local and to build yourself and your lifestyle.

We LOVE our CSA members and can't wait to "share" with you in the future!

Check out our CSA page for more info!


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