• Becky Tamez

The Beginning Part 2

In The Beginning Part 1, I shared a little behind the scenes of our life before the farm. To me that is a huge thing. This farm has really changed how we think, live, and spend time together.

In August on 2015, Pete shared a video of the Urban Farmer, Curtis Stone. When I saw the video, it totally blew my mind. Why couldn't we do the same? We live in a subdivision on nearly a 1/2 an acre. Why couldn't we farm it?

The first thing that got us started was not the field produce

But our microgreens.

They are easy to grow and have a quick turn around. We turned one of the rooms in our house into our microgreens room and started growing baby crops.

After that we turned the front yard garden into 30" beds and got rid of any open space that was not used for walking paths.

We dug so many ditches by hand...I lost 20lbs!

We added pvc piping as our water system (totally should have gone with a real water system to start...we eventually changed to one). And we were off.

In February 2016, we started selling our products at Wolf Ranch Farmer's Market. Pete was still working a corporate job and we were both working this part time.

In the early summer of 2016, we decided to expand to other peoples' yards, just as we were farming ours.

We set out to find people who were looking for magnificent gardens without the hassle of actually gardening that would allow us to do so on their land.

We knew of a house in Leander that had some greenhouses that they had let go. Who better to ask than these people? We went to their house several times to chat with them but no one was ever home. We then happened upon their neighbor who come to find out was the mother of the owner of the greenhouses.

We told her a brief story of what we were looking to do and she said she had been praying for someone to come farm her land (4 acres).

And with that, our beautiful family friendship began.

She gave us access to farm to an area that had been gardened by her late husband and was completely fenced. At that point we started gardening 1/2 acre.

Check out my next post on how we've expanded and where were going...



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