2019 Spring Farm Share

2019 Spring Farm Share

Spring Season: 12 Weeks from March 15th - June 7, 2019


The share sizes and varieties will vary as the season progresses. They will typically range between 5 and 15lbs. We suggest that a share will feed an average size family (2 adults, 2 kids) or 2 vegetarian adults. Choose weekly pickup for larger families or choose bi-weekly pickup for smaller ones. If you choose bi-weekly, you will be designated an "A" week or "B" week when beginning your shares. Then choose which day/time you would like pickup.


Don't forget we have tons of extra benefits that go along with this such as pick your own, potluck dinners on the farm, harvest parties, classes, and much more...see our Farm Share page here to see what all is bonus!




  • There will be a 3% "tax" added to any online payments which is for processing fees. If you would like to waive that fee, please complete the online order but choose cash payment and immediately send a check to the address listed below. Your membership is not secure until we receive at least a 50% deposit.
  • If you need a payment plan, please email becky@isleacrefarms.com before checkout


Terms and Conditions


  • By signing up for the 2019 Farm Share program, I will be able to purchase any additional vegetables (when available) during the season.  By supporting Isle Acre Farms, I am aware that I am doing more than buying simple products, but am helping to support local jobs, regenerative eco-agriculture and our environment while getting the healthiest possible produce available and providing food for those who cannot afford it (as a portion of all harvests will go to those who need it the most).  
  • I also understand that a Farm Share is not a program for cheap, bulk products, but is a way to support local, receive community benefits, and to being a part of a greater community.  As a member I am declaring that I agree that supporting local agriculture is important to me and that I will be an involved member in the community and will do my best to support Isle Acre Farms' mission and the community at large.  
  • As a Farm Share member, I am taking partial ownership of Isle Acre Farms for the 2019 season as a "share-holder" with a 1/50th vote.  As such I also understand that I am taking on partial risk as a “share-holder” in the farm and if there is a bumper crop then my shares will be larger, however if there are crop failures this is also a risk that I am taking as my shares may be smaller.  In addition, it is understood that early and late season shares may be smaller than the peak season, in which my shares may or may not be made up in abundance. 
  • I understand that the 2019 Farm Share is for 36 weeks from March to November.  Isle Acre Farms has the right to adjust the pickup dates and times throughout the season with the expectation that there be considerable notification ahead of time to allow for members to adjust their schedules as well.  
  • I also agree that my Farm Share membership must be paid in full prior to the first pickup, is non-refundable and if the full amount is not paid prior to the first pickup my account may be canceled and all money paid will not be refunded to me.  In addition, if we have not received either 2 pre-dated checks for the payment plan or received your payment in full that we are not considered members and our registration may be forfeited and void.  
  • I understand that the main communication with the farm will be done by email. It is imperative that I check every email sent by Isle Acre Farms to receive any important updates.
  • Finally, I understand that there are no refunds or cancellations, but transfer of ownership is a possibility by working directly with Isle Acre Farms management.  
  • I have read and understand the terms of the program and am excited to be a part of a community and make a difference in the world with my support!


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