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We're Bringing it Home!

April 28, 2018



We started this farm for several reasons...


  1. To have control over where our food comes from: We all trust that these big corporations are going to have our best interest in mind; that they are going to make things healthy for us and not try to harm us. That is not always the case. So we wanted to make sure we got what we got.

  2. Our children: We want to instill that in them too. We want them to know where food SHOULD come from and not just the grocery store where you don't know the beginning of the vegetable's story.

  3. To feed our community: Once we were able to provide all of our family's vegetable needs, the community saw this and wanted our values and methods for themselves. 




We're not really selling vegetables to OUR community! 


We love, love, LOVE Wolf Ranch Farmers Market and the Georgetown community, but it is 20 mins away in a different city. 


(Don't worry, we have no plans to leave Wolf Ranch Farmers Market.)


It's not our community of Leander where we are and where it all began.




We're bringing it home!!!


Angel Maxwell with Smooth Hair Salon got a 10 year permit to hold farmers markets and other special events on her property at 203 W. Broade St in Leander. 


We'll be joining her at the Old Town Leander Farmers Market starting May 5th from 9-1pm, rain or shine, and every Saturday thereafter.


This market is literally down the street from the farm. We are super excited to be back home and pursuing our mission!


Check out the Facebook event for the market and make sure to join us out there! We look forward to seeing you and when you stop by, let us know you came because you saw this article!



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