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Goals...Do you have them?

January 11, 2019



Previously, we've never really been big goal setters. We just kind of went to work, went home, and went back to work again...never really striving for anything.


That really isn't living much is it?


You want to have something to strive for; to grow and prosper as a person and as a family; to be a healthy individual that makes a difference. 


We went full time with Isle Acre Farms in 2017. That year, we made goals at the beginning of the year...and never looked at them again until 2018 (told ya not big goal setters). And you know what, when we did look back at those goals...we had met all of them!


Crazy right!


Only writing and looking at them once! It's amazing how it all worked out like that. 


In 2018, however, we did not set any goals and you know what? It showed. We had nothing we were aiming at; nothing to move us forward; and we couldn't say where it all went wrong...


Except...we had made no goals for that year; nothing to work towards and no rewards to reap.


So this year, 2019, we've set our goals and we want you to keep us accountable. 


Here they are...


  1. Help as many families as we can to eat healthier vegetables.

  2. Volunteer in the community once a month.

  3. Be more efficient with our systems.

  4. Become certified organic in 2020. 

  5. Be more active with this blog (I'm thinking topics like what's going on at the farm, farming in general, minimalism, homesteading, home schooling, recipes...let me know your ideas)

  6. Go camping at the beach in the summer.

  7. Go on parent dates each month.

  8. Read more.


Those are all realistic goals that we really should have no problem accomplishing.


But I also believe in having some hard to reach goals even when you think that they may be near impossible to accomplish in the current year. You're striving for something right?


  1. Triple the income of the farm.

  2. Gain our first employee.

  3. Take the month of December completely off.

  4. Take a family trip to Germany in December. 


Think we can do it? Let's check back in December...actually in January of 2020...we'll be off in December.


What about you? What are you goals? Even the far fetch ones?


We would love to hear from you. Comment below...let's share and keep each other accountable.



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